Students must have as many meaningful experiences as possible.  This allows them to move at their pace and in their own space. Dive deeper into these topics:

  • Resonance Board

  • Space for Active Learning

  • Likes and Dislikes

Resonance Board

A resonance board gives a child more feedback, which facilitates their development of spatial and auditory awareness and helps them become a more active learner. The more active the student becomes, communication becomes more important to the student. Connecting with others is part of communication.

Space for Active Learning

In order to communicate intentionally, a child must first become aware of themselves as an individual in the world (concept development). The Space for Active Learning (SAL) provides a safe place for a child to explore an environment that is highly responsive to their smallest movement.

Likes and Dislikes

Knowing a student’s likes and dislikes is part of establishing a relationship with a student. This can help the student be more engaged in routines and motivated to communicate.